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About Us

aboutus.png“May you touch fireflies and stars, dance with fairies and talk to the man in the moon, may you grow up with gracious hearts and people who care, for the world is waiting for you “ - Anon


Can bedlinen have a personality?  At Whimsy we like to think so.  We love to imagine children climbing under the covers surrounded by our fun, cheerful and playful designs feeling excited, feeling safe and feeling that the world through their eyes is a magical place.  Whimsy kids feel inspired to learn, create and express themselves.  They see wonder in the smallest of things and believe their every dream can come true.  A whimsy world is one of wonder, enchantment and full of surprises and it’s waiting for you to explore right here in our delectable range of kids bedding sets for girls and boys and matching accessories.

Whimsy designs allow children to express their own sense of style and our range covers every personality from quiet to quirky.  We take pride in our designs that are created with an eye for exquisite craftsmanship and a touch of creative genius.  We use the latest innovations and combine them with  modern trends in children’s design to create a range of bed linen, homewares and accessories that spark the imagination and tell a story to not only your children but the child in you.

Explore our new range of kids bedding sets for girls and boys now…because life is better with a dash of whimsy.